Landsurf by BioBoards

Perform unique Surf Tricks and Maneuvers on land. Innovative setup of three wheels and decks built by PhDs in Biomechanics and professional surfers.

Using advanced research technics we have mapped the biodynamics of surfing. We have created a perfect board that precisely recreates it. When you surf there is the “pump” which is executed on the wall of the wave to gain speed. And that is exactly what our board allows, it recreates the sensation of surfing on the land.

Landsurfs have been tested and purchased by skateboarding legend Tony Hawk and world best big wave surfer Sebastian Steudtner. All three boards provide the real Surfing sensation on the land, each has a different personality and allows you to emulate different wave types. The boards are handcrafted in Portugal, the European surfing destination. All boards are environment-friendly, built using recycled materials.

The Team

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