Modernized Bicycle Lights

Add turn signals and brake lights to your bicycle commute



  • Lumens: the front head light has 200 lumens, for the cyclist to see ahead of him under poor light conditions. The rear position light and the turning indicators provide 100 lumens, in order for the cyclist to be seen clearly by every other vehicle in the road.
  • Remote: the technology we are using for the communication between the remote control and the Blinkers is RF (radio frequency). It has a replaceable coin cell battery, which only has to be replaced once every 6 months.
  • Accelerometer & Gyroscope: they measure the motion of the cyclist, and trigger the braking light whenever the cyclist is braking. Modes: the Blinkers have two different modes. The first mode, ON, sets the brightness of the lights to full power, and the second mode, Smart ON, varies the intensity of the lights in order to save battery life (while of course ensuring maximum visibility).
  • Weight: Blinkers have an approximate weight of 170g. Dimensions: the picture below shows the exact measures of the current design.
  • Lasers: they will have a power of 5mW, and they are 3R class lasers (IEC 60825-1 standard), which are certified as safe to sell to the public.
  • Resistance: Blinkers are able to withstand a drop from a typical bicycle height. This is a very important aspect of the product, and we will make sure that we achieve the necessary degree of resistance. It is only natural for such a device that will, by definition, be exposed to scratches, blows and falls.
  • Certifications: we aim to make Blinkers go through the legal certifications to be sold in the countries of destination. However, light regulations vary a lot from country to country, even from city to city, so we cannot ensure you that all of our functionalities are allowed in every country. In case you have a doubt in relation with this aspect, we advice you to check your local regulations or contact us in english at or in german at