Improve Posture in 30 Days

The miniature electronic Posture Master is attached to your underwear or applied to your skin with a sticker. The device is equipped with an accelerometer to measure your spinal angle. When you slouch for over 60 seconds, the device will buzz gently reminding you to straighten up.

A Smart Posture Coach

Posture Master is your personal coach that is always with you. Every day that you keep your back upright, longer you are training your muscles, making them work to your best advantage. You will get used to it in no time at all. Day after day, you train your muscles by making them work and keep your back straight longer and longer. You train your pectoral girdle muscles which are responsible for keeping your back straight.

Perfect posture not only makes you feel confident and irresistible but also helps you feel good and promotes healthy blood circulation. Yes, you heard us: When your shoulders are slouched and your spine is curved, you can eventually suffer from poor blood circulation. Posture is very important, but it can be a real challenge to correct poor posture. Master Master is a new original invention that will train you to keep your back straight.



Excellent posture in just 30 days - with tiny (0.01 lb.) posture master device

An invention that will train you to keep your back straight

Attach the device using any method that is most convenient to you (using sticker or clip), If you slouch longer than a minute, the device will warn you with a gentle buzz

Posture Master gently remind you to sit straight and stand tall to help you look and feel your best

Battery (included) life is one month of continuous use

Helps you feel good and improve healthy blood circulation