Bluetooth Speakers + Dimmable Lights = Pure Awesome

What could possibly be a better way to set the mood than dimming the lights and queuing up some music? Sengled's Pulse is a smart lighting / speaker system that makes it easy to hook up any room with surround sound without dealing with messy wires or complicated set up. Just plug these bluetooth speakers into any light fixture and fill the room with lush mobile controlled sounds, all while upgrading your old lamps and ceiling bulbs into smart phone controlled, energy efficient LED lights. This is pure genius.

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Powered by JBL

Pulse combines the energy efficiency of a dimmable LED light with the high-quality audio of a JBL Bluetooth speaker that you can control with your iOS or Android device.

Simply twist Pulse into any standard light socket and enjoy the rich stereo sound of JBL speakers combined with warm, dimmable lighting — all without the fuss of speaker wires, power cords, or an independent remote control.

You can even add your existing subwoofer to enhance the bass of your Pulse sound system thanks to the Pulse Amp (sold separately). The Pulse Amp wirelessly receives the audio signal from the Pulse Master bulb and passes it along to your subwoofer, instantly improving the overall sound of your Pulse speaker system.

If you want to connect your Pulse sound system to your TV, you can thanks to the Pulse Link (sold separately), which allows you to play sound from non-iOS and non-Android devices over your Pulse sound system.

What’s in a Pulse Starter Kit?

A Pulse Starter Kit contains one (1) Pulse Master bulb and one (1) Pulse Satellite bulb. They come paired already so you can enjoy surround sound right out of the box by pairing your Bluetooth device to the Master bulb.

What’s the difference between a Master and Satellite bulb?

The Master bulb is what your smart devices connect to via Bluetooth to control lighting and music for the whole system. Satellite bulbs are connected to the Master bulb and cannot be used by itself. A Master bulb can support up to 7 different Satellite bulbs (or 6 Satellite plus Pulse Amp) for a truly immersive experience. Two Master bulbs cannot connect to each other.

Can I play music with the lights turned off and vice versa?

Yes! The speaker and lights can be controlled independently with the Pulse app.


  • Multi-channel JBL Bluetooth® speaker and an energy-efficient, dimmable LED light bulb in a single unit
  • Easy to install, no need for speaker wires, power cords, or remote controls
  • Play streamed music and media apps anywhere there's a light socket
  • Spread music throughout your house by linking up to eight speaker bulbs
  • Intuitive Pulse mobile app controls light dimming, sound volume, audio equalizer modes
  • Launch media players such as Pandora and Spotify directly from the mobile app
  • Individual Pulse bulbs work in unison up to 100 feet apart


1.75" full-range high-fidelity JBL® loudspeakers - 13 watts (max) @ 8 ohms/bulb


No wires, remote controls or power cords required (Pulse Amp requires cable to connect to the subwoofer)

Connect up to 8 bulbs (1 Master + up to 7 Satellite Bulbs) for whole home audio


Bulb type: BR30 LED

Brightness: 600 lumens, 105° light beam angle

Color Temperature: 2700K, Ra: 80


Available colors: Pewter, Candy Apple, and Pearl White


Power supply: 100~120V AC, 50/60Hz

Power consumption: 15W (light and audio), 30W (at peak)


Socket type: E26

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