Preserve Your Wines Longer

Wine Squirrel is an innovative decanter that gets the most from your wines

How does it work?

Many people enjoy having a glass or two of wine but do not wish to drink a whole bottle and would like to keep the rest for another occasion. The problem is that once the bottle is open, the wine goes bad quickly on exposure to oxygen. To solve this problem we have created Wine Squirrel: a beautiful crystal decanter that keeps your wine fresh by providing an oxygen-free environment.

The key to the effectiveness of Wine Squirrel is its unique patented* sealing mechanism, which provides an airtight seal whether you are preserving one glass or most of the bottle. Without oxygen spoiling the wine you can preserve unfinished bottles for weeks. We have tested this extensively using different types of red and white wine. Want to open a bottle of wine, have a glass, go away for a couple of weeks and enjoy the rest of the bottle on your return? No problem with Wine Squirrel!



  • The seal in the Wine Squirrel decanter provides an effective oxygen barrier and preserves your wine
  • You can use Wine Squirrel again and again without the need to continuously buy consumables
  • Wine Squirrel works with wine from cork or screw-cap bottles
  • Wine Squirrel is easy to use
  • Wine Squirrel can be conveniently stored in your wine fridge or a standard fridge door – the seal is so good you can even store it horizontally
  • Wine Squirrel will quickly pay for itself. Think about how much wine you can avoid wasting
  • The Wine Squirrel decanter has been elegantly designed and made from high quality lead-free crystal, so it looks beautiful at the dinner table
  • Wine Squirrel would make a perfect gift for any wine lover