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Generating sustainable momentum for a great consumer product is too hard. That's why we've built PitchTop: a platform designed to help the world's greatest products succeed. With PitchTop, you get access to world class tools and a network of high impact people that will take your product to the next level.

  • Physical Products ONLY

    PitchTop is the only marketing platform focused on the specfic challenges of driving success for noteworthy physical products.

  • A High Impact Network

    PitchTop makes it easy to activate early adopters, influencers, press, and marketing specialists and measure the results.

  • Tools for Success

    PitchTop's suite of tools integrates with your unique strategy to help you efficiently drive success and measure results.

A Framework For Success

PitchTop offers everything you need to attain success for your product.

  • An Interactive Catalog

    The Catalog provides a new channel for curated products to engage a growing community of early adopters and product enthusiasts.

  • A Network of Experts

    Our network of high impact marketers, influencers, and creatives can help you best position your product and drive awareness and sales across the web.

  • Powerful Tools

    PitchTop offers a suite of promotional and sales tools that integrate with your website and your 3rd party channels such as Amazon, Kickstarter, and Shopify.

    PitchTop is the premium network for product creators and the people driving the next wave of material world innovation.

    A Network of High Impact People

    Collaborate with the Best

    PitchTop connects you with proven specialists who drive results.

    • Influencers

      Gain more visibility for your product through our vetted network of influencers on Instagram, YouTube, the press and blogosphere.

    • Experts

      Enhance your marketing and development by teaming up with proven experts in PR, advertising, video production, product design and manufacturing.


    • Reach a large community of product enthusiasts
    • Access a network of high impact influencers & experts
    • Build momentum with optimized tools including giveaways, sales, referral programs and more.

    To qualify, your product must:

    • Be a physical product
    • Exemplify innovation in design or function
    • Not be at risk to miss target shipping dates
    • Have 3.5/5 or higher reviews online
    • Meet standards for build quality